What Happens When My Car’s Fuel Pump Goes Bad?

When your car, truck, or utility vehicle’s fuel pump goes bad, you will end up with one or more of the problems listed below. Don’t worry. United Auto Care can replace your faulty fuel pump to restore your vehicle’s performance. If we are replacing the original fuel pump, you should’ve gotten about 100,000 miles out of it. Hopefully, it lasted longer than that.

Your Engine Struggles at High Speeds

One of the first signs of a malfunctioning fuel pump is your vehicle’s inability to handle higher speeds. You will feel the engine sputter and hiccup when you are driving at faster speeds because the fuel pump is not supplying the engine with enough fuel to handle the excess pace.

Your Engine Struggles When Under Stress

The engine also cannot handle stress without extra fuel. Consequently, if the fuel pump is struggling to pump fuel into the engine, your engine will lose power when you try to tow things, overload your vehicle, or drive under stressful conditions such as up steep mountain roads.

The Fuel Pressure Is Too Low

One reason why your automobile struggles under either condition is that the fuel pressure is too low. The dying fuel pump is unable to generate normal fuel pressure. If you test your fuel pressure and the number is lower than your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, the fuel pump is bad.

You Are Not Getting Good Gas Mileage

The above three things are going to affect your gas mileage. Unfortunately, they do not affect it in a good way. Rather, you will notice a significant loss in your vehicle’s fuel economy and this means you’ll be filling up the tank more often.

You Cannot Get Your Car Started

Another problem that can occur if the fuel pump has died is an inability to get your car, truck, or utility vehicle started. This is likely due to the fact that the fuel pump is not pushing gasoline or diesel fuel into the engine. Consequently, there is no fuel for combustion.

Your Engine Keeps Overheating

Finally, all of these things may be accompanied by an overheating engine. The reason why a dead fuel pump can overheat your engine is that the fuel pump motor overheats. Once the fuel pump motor overheats, this excess heat increases the temperature of your vehicle’s engine.

Call United Auto Care in Flowery Branch, GA, today if you believe that your car’s fuel pump has gone bad. We will test it and replace it if necessary.

Photo by fotografermen from Getty Images via Canva Pro