Ways to Make Your Commute Enjoyable

It’s beautiful in our little neck of the woods here in Flowery Branch, GA, but if you have a daily commute into Gainsville or farther, you may find yourself stuck in traffic every day, even if it’s just for a little bit. This is frustrating. No need to candy-coat it. It stinks. Your commute doesn’t have to get you down, however. United Auto Care not only wants to help you with your automobile’s maintenance and repairs we’d also like to give you a few tips that should help make your commute a little more enjoyable.

Grab a Beverage First

Even though you cannot enjoy a refreshing beer or nice glass of wine while sitting in traffic, you can enjoy your favorite non-alcoholic beverage and to be completely honest? The yummy flavor alone will boost your mood. In the morning, prepare your favorite coffee beverage or stop your favorite coffee house to grab it on the go. In the afternoon, enjoy a refreshing iced tea or soda; whatever makes your tummy happy. Just a sip or two while you sit in traffic will ease your stress a little.

Stimulate Your Mind

Stimulate your mind while sipping on your favorite beverage. Listen to a podcast from your favorite news, political, business, or entertainment personality. Listen to an audio book. If you’re religious, listen to a religious radio station or internet broadcast. Catch the game live or listen to the replay. Learn a different language. There are many different ways you can stimulate your mind to keep its focus off the traffic jams, so find the way that works best for you to help keep your frustration at bay.

Entertain Yourself

Do something that puts a smile on your face. Maybe that’s listening to show tunes from your favorite Broadway play or rocking out to your favorite metal band. Perhaps you prefer jazz, so put on a relaxing trio that will help calm your frayed nerves. Laugh at the comics aired on satellite radio comic stations or online. If your smartphone is connected to your vehicle’s entertainment system, you should be able to stream entertainment. Whatever you do, don’t listen to something depressing.

Reduce Your Stress

Finally, keep your automobile in tiptop shape so you don’t need to worry about it alongside the stop-and-go commute you are stuck in. Preventative maintenance will keep your mind at ease. You will know your car, truck, CUV, or SUV can handle the commute without overheating, stalling, or otherwise breaking down. This peace of mind helps reduce your stress because you can keep your eyes on the road instead of on your dashboard gauges and lights to make everything is a-okay.

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