Water Pump Problems and Your Automobile

Call United Auto Care right away if you notice any of the following problems. What we are going to list below are signs that the water pump has gone bad in your automobile. Unfortunately, this can create problems with the engine overheating, and when the engine gets too hot, it can get damaged. We would be happy to test your water pump to see if it is malfunctioning. Here are signs that it is.

A Water Pump That Is Rusty

If you inspect the water pump to see what it looks like, you may see corrosion on it if it is leaking. This rust is caused by the coolant settling against the pump. This type of coolant leak rarely leaves spots on the garage floor. Rather, the corrosion starts to eat away at the water pump and eventually creates a hole in it out of which coolant will leak.

Coolant Spots on the Garage Floor

Once this happens, you are going to see spots or puddles of engine coolant on the garage floor. We recommend that you avoid driving your automobile if the coolant leak is severe enough to drip onto the floor. This leak will lower the level of coolant in the engine and cause the temperature to exceed the recommended maximum of 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Problems With the Coolant’s Circulation

Another thing that will push the engine above this temperature is if the water pump is malfunctioning and cannot push the coolant through the engine. Poor circulation or no circulation at all is going to cause the engine to overheat because it does not have the coolant flowing through it to draw the heat away from it. This can happen with an older water pump.

Strange Noises in the Front of the Engine

Another thing that can happen is you may hear strange noises coming from the front of your vehicle’s engine. These noises can be the water pump making sounds because it is wearing down. The sounds are usually growling or grinding. This being said, the alternator belt to which the pump is attached can also make whining or squealing sounds if it is loose.

An Engine That Overheats All the Time

Your engine is going to overheat all the time if there is a problem with the water pump because, as you have learned, this creates low coolant levels and issues with the coolant circulation.
Call United Auto Care in Flowery Branch, GA, today to set up a service visit so we can inspect your water pump if your automobile is having problems with overheating.

Photo by Tonkovic from Getty Images via Canva Pro