Why Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections Are So Important

Buying a new car is one thing; the dealer usually includes a limited, short-term warranty for free. Buying a used car is an entirely different ballgame, even if you purchase the used automobile from a dealer. Many auto mechanics, including us here at United Auto Care, offer pre-purchase inspections to help people make sure they really are buying the car of their dreams rather than a nightmare.

Protecting Yourself and Your Future Investment

The purpose of a pre-purchase inspection is protection. You are entering into a sales contract with the understanding that you will own a safe and reliable vehicle that you can count on for years. This is an investment, even if you are making monthly car payments. The worst thing that can happen is you enter into a contract and receive less than what was promised. You might spend years paying off a lemon that you cannot get rid of, which will set you back financially and reduce your chances of reselling the car when you can afford to buy another one.

Things You Can Do to Ensure You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

Do your homework before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure you get a complete history of the car you wish to purchase and an inspection certificate from the dealer. If you are buying from a private seller, run the history report yourself, make a pre-purchase inspection part of the deal, and ask to see all maintenance receipts. Look up the vehicle on the NHTSA’s website, as well, to see how it ranked in its safety tests. Test drive the vehicle extensively to see how it handles and how the engine performs. Drive on all road types to test the vehicle thoroughly.

Things Professionals Can Do to Ensure You’re Not Buying a Lemon

Don’t stop there, however, even if you are purchasing a certified automobile from a dealer. Bring the vehicle to a professional auto service shop for a complete pre-purchase inspection. Professionals can find problems that are invisible to the naked eye, including problems revealed by a vehicle diagnostic check and previous auto body and suspension damage. They can tell if the prior maintenance work wasn’t up to snuff, either. An independent shop will be honest, as well, because it has no vested interest in the dealership selling the used car. A dealer’s service department does.

United Auto Care in Flowery Branch, GA, would be happy to inspect the used car you would like to buy. Give us a call to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure the vehicle is worth your hard-earned cash.

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