How Do Vacuum Leaks Affect Engine Performance?

Vacuum leaks affect engine performance in many ways. It does not matter whether you drive a car, truck, or utility vehicle. Any automobile can suffer from a leak in one or more of the vacuum hoses, and United Auto Care can fix that leak for you. Let’s talk about how an engine vacuum leak will affect the engine’s performance and signs you can look for to determine whether your automobile has a vacuum leak or something else going wrong with it.

Idling Performance Problems

One way that vacuum leaks affect your engine’s performance is while you are sitting at an idle. You may feel your automobile vibrate and sputter as the engine RPMs go up too high. It will seem as if you are pressing down on your accelerator when you actually aren’t. One way to check to see if the engine is idling too high is to look at the tachometer on your dashboard. If the needle is registering higher-than-normal RPMs, or if the needle is moving around too much, you may have a vacuum leak that is introducing excess air into the engine.

Hesitation and Stalling

This excess air can also affect how your engine performs when your vehicle is in motion. You may notice that the engine hesitates or sputters as you are driving along. It may also stall as you slow down, or you might also notice that your acceleration is not as responsive as it used to be. Any time there is too much air in an automobile’s engine, which is a condition that a vacuum leak causes, your vehicle has more air than fuel and the engine performance will suffer as a result.

Strange Noises

If the vacuum leak in your automobile’s engine is bad enough, you might be able to hear it. Depending on the size of the leak, it might sound like a hissing noise or a sucking noise. Usually, the sucking noise indicates a larger leak and you may think that your household vacuum is in your engine. In rare cases, a vacuum leak can also make a squealing sound as the air blows out of the vacuum hose from which it is leaking.

Dashboard Warning Light

Your vehicle’s dashboard does not have a vacuum leak warning light so the engine control module will turn on the check engine light to let you know that there is something wrong in the engine. This light can cover a wide variety of problems, including a vacuum leak, a problem in the exhaust system, a problem in the fuel system, and even a problem with your transmission.

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