Tire Service Schedule for Your Car, Truck, or C/SUV

Never underestimate the importance of your vehicle’s tires. They are a major safety feature on your automobile and, as such, they deserve the best tire service they can get. United Auto Care is a full-service automotive shop and we maintain and replace tires. We can also repair them if the damage is minimal. Take a look at your owner’s manual to see when you should have your tires and wheels serviced. Here is a general guide that provides maintenance designed to prevent premature tire wear and tear.

Tire Service and Rotation

You should have your tires rotated every 6,000 miles at a minimum. Tire rotation evens out the tread wear to extend the tires’ lives. For example, the tires on the front wheels of a vehicle with front-wheel drive will wear down more quickly than the rear tires; the same is somewhat true for rear-wheel-drive vehicles. Regular tire rotations also help even out edge, suspension, and brake wear on the tires.

Wheel Balance

Balancing the wheels at each tire rotation is also important, not only because this, too, evens out tread wear but also because it helps keep your ride smooth and you in better control. Each tire weight is a little bit different even though you bought a set of the same four tires. As such, the weight must be distributed evenly between the four wheels on the two axles and wheel balancing does that.

Wheel Alignment

Your wheels should be aligned every time you buy a new set of tires and every two or three years after that. If you drive a lot, two years is the better duration. If you don’t drive a lot, you can probably wait three years until you have your wheels aligned. Signs your wheels are not aligned include pulling to the right or left side, a steering wheel that isn’t centered, and uneven, premature tire tread wear.

New Tires

You need a new set of tires when the tire tread depth gets too low on your current set. Even if you don’t drive a lot and the tread still looks good, the NHTSA recommends you get a new set of tires after six years of driving on your current set. Check your tire tread regularly to make sure you still have plenty left and that it’s wearing down evenly. Once it’s worn down to 2/32-of-an-inch, it’s time for a new set.

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