Thermostat Problems Are No Match for United Auto Care

We are serious! We can handle your thermostat problems without a hitch. Just bring your car, truck, or utility vehicle to United Auto Care if you are having any of the issues listed below. If you drive a vehicle that is a decade or older, the thermostat is likely to go bad. The average lifespan of the factory thermostat is about 10 years. Without a functioning thermostat, the engine will not have coolant circulating through it. The thermostat is the cooling system part that gauges the engine’s temperature and releases the coolant when it needs it. Let’s talk more about thermostat problems below.

Rust All Over the Thermostat

There is a problem that can happen that will not give you any indication of trouble and less you visually inspect your thermostat. If you look at the thermostat and see that there is rust all over it, the thermostat is leaking coolant out of the coolant valve. This is the valve the thermostat uses to release the coolant into the engine. The rust will eat away at the thermostat housing and leave you with…

Coolant Leaking on the Garage Floor

Unfortunately, this is a more severe coolant leak that will reduce the coolant level in the engine. Naturally, if the engine does not have enough coolant circulating through it, the temperature is going to rise to an overheating temperature of 220 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. You never want your vehicle’s engine to have a temperature above 220 degrees.

Unpredictable Temperature Changes

Speaking of engine temperatures, if the thermostat starts to malfunction, you will have unpredictable temperature changes in the engine. This will cause the temperature gauge needle to move up and down on your dashboard. It will also cause your engine to fluctuate between running too cold and running too hot. This is definitely a sign that you need to replace the thermostat because it is not reading the engine’s temperature correctly and releasing the coolant at the wrong times.

An Engine That Overheats Constantly

Finally, all of the above is going to create an overheating problem with your engine. The engine needs the thermostat to open the coolant valve so the water pump can circulate coolant through it. If the thermostat refuses to do so, or do so at the wrong time, your engine is going to overheat right away. Sometimes, this can happen quickly after you start your automobile.

United Auto Care in Flowery Branch, GA, is here to help, so call us today if you suspect your vehicle needs a new thermostat.

Photo by pandemin from Getty Images via Canva Pro