Steps to Avoid Damaging Your Vehicle in a Parking Lot

Parking lots are every vehicle’s nightmare. Dings, dents, scratches… all of these things damage your automobile, even if the damage is only aesthetic. You can protect your car, truck, or SUV in a parking lot to reduce the chances of an incident. There’s no guarantee you will always come out of a parking lot unscathed, but United Auto Care says these practices help avoid common parking lot damage.

Always Park Well Within the Space

Parking well within a parking space is not only safer it’s also more polite. If you pull into a parking space crooked, over the lines, too close to the lines, or double-parked, someone might hit you accidentally or, quite frankly, intentionally. At a minimum, parking too close to one side of the space or in a space that is too small for your vehicle is sure to result in a door ding from a car door in the space next to you. As you tried to do when you colored as a child: Keep within the lines.

Back Out of the Space Cautiously

Pulling into a parking space is fairly simple but backing out can be dangerous, especially if the parking lot is busy with pedestrians and other vehicles leaving, as well. Always back out of parking spaces cautiously and slowly, using all of the available mirrors and reverse cameras at your disposal. Turn your head also to make sure you know you’re clear to back out of the space; not only clear of pedestrians but also of shopping carts and people in reverse across the parking lot lane.

Park at the End of the Lot

If you’re looking to add more exercise to your daily life, accomplish that goal and protect your vehicle by parking at the end of the lot. Choose a space that doesn’t have any other vehicles or a shopping cart return next to or close to it. Make sure to park in a space that isn’t next to an entrance and exit for the parking lot, either. When you park farther away from other vehicles, you not only stand less of a chance of getting dinged but also a better chance of finding shade in the summer.

Finally, don’t speed or drive recklessly in parking lots. This includes pulling forward through your space and the empty parking space in front of it to head into the next lane. This shortcut can cause an accident, as can speeding through the parking lot, so take it from us here at United Auto Care in Flowery Branch, GA: Drive slow and carefully. Call us at 678-567-6500 for your auto service needs.

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Image by 楓 陳 from Pixabay