Staying Safe in the Rain

As wonderful as the rain is for Georgia lawns, gardens, and trees, it can wreak havoc on Georgia roads. Driving in heavy rain or on rainy nights is know to increase driving stress and anxiety as well as the chance of being involved in an accident. United Auto Care wants to help you stay safe behind the wheel on rainy days with these rainy day driving tips.

Be Prepared for Rain

Windshield wipers wear out with use and need to be replaced in order for them to give you the clear view you need during a storm. Check your wipers and if they are looking worse for wear, replace them or have them replaced. You should also update your vehicle’s emergency kit with reflective triangles and road flares. If you happen to get a flat tire, you don’t want to also be in an accident because oncoming drivers couldn’t see you.

Evaluate the Situation

When it rains, some of your driving habits need to be adjusted. We aren’t saying that you should drive 10 miles below the speed limit at the first sign of a drizzle, but you should be more alert and focused on the road and the drivers around you. Defensive driving is always best when the weather is questionable.

Turn On Your Headlights

In Flowery Branch, GA, it is actually the law to turn on your headlights when it is raining, and with good reason. The rain doesn’t just impact your vision, it affects the vision of all the other drivers on the road. Your headlights will make you more visible and decrease your risk of an accident.

Understand Hydroplaning

You are driving down the road, suddenly your tires lose traction and you start to slide uncontrollably. This is called hydroplaning and when it is happening, it is pretty scary. All it takes is 1/12 of an inch of water to send you sliding if you are driving faster than 35 miles per hour. And if your treads are worn, it only increases your risk of hydroplaning so you should have them inspected regularly.

But what should you do if you start to hydroplane? First of all, never attempt to overcorrect, it will only make it worse. Instead, slowly take your foot off the gas pedal and steer straight until you are in control again. If your car isn’t just sliding but is spinning, slowly turn your wheel in the direction you are spinning.

In rain or shine, the best way to maintain the safety of your vehicle is with regular maintenance and inspections. If it has been a while since you had your tires or brakes inspected or replaced, call United Auto Care to schedule an appointment today.

Image by Hasan Çilingir from Pixabay