Signs Your Work Truck Is Too Small

Whether diesel or gasoline, you rely on your work truck each day. As your business has grown, you’ve found it’s getting more difficult to do your job because your truck isn’t meeting your needs anymore. United Auto Care lists four signs below that you’ve outgrown your work truck. If you have, it’s important to replace it with a larger one or you’ll find yourself spending unnecessary money on auto repairs. 

You’re Overloading Your Work Truck

Part of what might make up those unnecessary repairs is suspension damage. If you are overloading your truck beyond its maximum weight-bearing capacity, you are running the risk of damaging the suspension, including the wheels and axles. You might find yourself overloading your work truck because the jobs have gotten bigger and you want to avoid the next sign that you need a new truck.

You Make Frequent Trips

You started overloading your work truck because you didn’t want to make more trips than necessary to and from job sites. You might also be making frequent trips because your work truck isn’t large enough to carry the daily supply load or haul pieces of equipment more than one or two at a time. Frequent trips might prevent the problem of overloading your work truck but they use up extra gasoline, another unnecessary expense.

You’re Stuffing the Inside, Too

You don’t overload your work truck or make extra trips, but you do have to stuff a bunch of tools and supplies in the cab, too. This isn’t a problem provided you aren’t putting too much weight on the suspension and wheels, but it is a sign that your truck bed can no longer meet your daily work needs. Stuffing the inside of your truck can also damage the interior and make access to the tools harder.

It’s Breaking Down

Finally, your truck keeps breaking down and this could be because you’re doing all of the things listed above. Your truck is designed to handle a certain daily load and stress. If you keep pushing it over that limit, you’ll end up with vehicle problems that include the suspension and wheel trouble mentioned above alongside engine performance issues. For example, overloading the vehicle will cause it to lag and struggle to produce power.

United Auto Care in Flowery Branch, GA, can help. We can service and repair your diesel or gasoline work truck, and we can help you determine whether you’re asking too much of it. If you are, it’s time to buy a larger work truck.

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