Signs Your Car’s AC System Is Going Out

You need your car, truck, CUV, or SUV’s AC right now, so how can you tell if it’s on the verge of dying in the middle of summer? There are signs that can alert you to air-conditioning trouble, and if you’ve never had your vehicle’s AC system serviced, you might be on the road to trouble sooner than you think. United Auto Care advises you should look for the following symptoms of automotive AC problems.

No Cold Air

This sign of AC trouble is hard to miss. You turn on the unit but the air coming out of the vents doesn’t cool down. Usually, the problem lies in the refrigerant, which may be too low and cannot cool the air effectively. Your vehicle’s AC system could also be leaking refrigerant. Either problem will prevent the air conditioning system from pushing cold air into the vehicle cabin to reduce the inside temperature.

No Air at All

Another common problem with a failing air-conditioning system is no air at all. In other words, you can’t feel any air coming out of the vents when the fan, AC, or heater is on. This can be caused by problems with the blower motor, including a bad relay or fuse that has blown; issues with malfunctioning blower resister; blocked air intake, such as clogged vents or air filter; loose or leaking belts and/or hoses.

Temperate Air

Perhaps the air coming through the vents is cool; it’s just not cold. If you haven’t had your automobile’s AC serviced in years, it could be time for a charge. As refrigerant evaporates slowly over the years, which is normal, the air-conditioned air gets hotter. You may remember your vehicle’s AC blasting much colder air last summer than now. If so, you might need a refrigerant service to restore colder air temperatures.

Additional Symptoms of AC System Trouble

In addition to the above, your vehicle’s air conditioner will also let you know it needs some tender loving care in other ways. You may notice a musty odor coming out of the vents if you have bacteria growing somewhere in the ventilation system. You might also hear strange noises when you turn on the AC if a component within the system is failing. If your floorboard is wet, the evaporator coil is leaking.

In most cases, an AC service will solve the problems listed above, so bring your vehicle into United Auto Care in Flowery Branch, GA. You can schedule an appointment today.

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Photo by Petr Smagin from Getty Images via Canva Pro