Servicing Your AC: Now is the Time

It may be cool and comfortable now, but the hottest days of summer will be here before you know it. Pretty soon, the days will become unbearably hot, and even the evenings will be warm and muggy.

If you do not want to spend the summer sweltering inside your vehicle, you need to have your automotive air conditioning system checked now. The longer you wait, the longer you will have to spend in the hot humid days and nights of the summer season.

Your AC Experts

At United Auto Care, we are your air conditioning experts, and we can diagnose your AC problems fast and fix them just as quickly. Whether you need a simple recharge to keep your AC cool and comfortable or a major overhaul to get a broken system working again, we can get you back on the road fast, so you can truly enjoy the great things summer has to offer.

Even if your AC was working perfectly last fall, it is still important to check the system now, before the heat of summer truly takes hold. Start by turning your air conditioning on and letting it idle for a few minutes. If your AC system is functioning normally, you should see a noticeable drop in temperature very quickly.

Checking Your AC System

If you do not notice a sharp drop in temperature when you turn your AC on for the first time, you need to bring your vehicle to United Auto Care for a proper diagnosis and the right repairs. We are experts at diagnosing air conditioning problems, and we can quickly determine if the issue is a simple lack of coolant or something more serious.

Once we find the problem, we can fix it fast, but it is important to act as quickly as possible. Many drivers do not even think about their automotive air conditioning units until the temperature spikes and they turn it on for the first time. By the time they find that their AC unit is not working, the wait for repairs has grown quite long.

Get a Jump on the Coming Season

You can avoid those unnecessary problems by scheduling your own AC service as soon as possible. Air conditioning repair centers, including United Auto Care, tend to be far less busy in the spring than in the hot summer months, and the sooner you bring your vehicle in for service the better off you will be.

You rely on your air conditioning to keep you, and your car, cool and comfortable all season long. Now that the heat of summer is almost here, it is time to test your system. If you detect a problem, United Auto Care can fix it fast – just give us a call or stop in today.

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