What Are the Pros of Diesel Engines?

United Auto Care works on all types of engines, including diesel engines. Why do some people opt to drive diesel-powered automobiles rather than gasoline ones? We are going to list some of the advantages of diesel engines below. These benefits are definite pros for driving a diesel.

Energy Dense Fuel

The main advantage of driving a diesel automobile is energy density. Diesel fuel has a higher energy-density rating than gasoline does and what this means in layperson terms is that it produces more power using less fuel. The advantages to this are two-fold and we’ll talk about them next.

Better Gas Mileage

The first advantage to higher energy density is that you get better gas mileage per gallon when you drive a diesel automobile. This fuel is designed to produce energy using as little fuel as possible and, in some cases, newer diesel automobiles get gas mileage that rivals what a hybrid vehicle would offer you. You will save money at the gas station with a diesel automobile, especially if you find a station in town that sells diesel fuel for as much as or lower than gasoline prices.

More Power

Don’t let these cost savings fool you, however. Diesel engines actually produce more power than gasoline engines do, which is why big rig engines are always diesel. Diesel engines are able to produce more torque – even from a dead stop – than gasoline engines can despite the fact that they use less fuel. They produce higher compression and heat, and this combination powers even the largest semi-truck from a stopped position into motion.

Rugged Build

It takes a rugged engine to handle this much compression and heat, and diesel engines are built to last. These engines are used to the demands placed on them; in fact, they’re designed for these demands. This means that the higher heat and compression don’t even make a diesel engine blink. Because of this ruggedness, diesel engines last longer than gasoline engines do with the world record for a diesel engine clocking in at 900,000 miles.

Better Resale Value

This also gives diesel vehicles better resale value than gasoline automobiles. Everyone knows that once a gasoline automobile reaches 100,000 to 200,000 miles on its odometer, its lifespan is nearly over, with some exceptions. Diesel engines can go well past these mileage milestones if cared for properly and, as such, they are in high demand in the used-car market. This translates to a higher resale value for you.

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