Why Is Oil Leaking From My Car?

We here at United Auto Care cannot stress enough how important it is to get an oil leak fixed as soon as possible. If your car, truck, or utility vehicle is leaking oil, you’ve got low oil levels in the engine. Insufficient oil can damage your engine to the point of total failure, and this catastrophic engine failure can happen very quickly depending on how low your oil is. Why is oil leaking from your car? Here is a list of the common causes of oil leaks.

Engine Gasket

Your vehicle’s engine has a gasket, which is a seal between the two primary metal components of your engine. An oil leak in the engine gasket generally happens on vehicles that are quite old. This compromise can seriously damage the engine, and one sign you have an engine gasket leak is blue exhaust.

Oil Pan

The oil pan is located on the bottom of your automobile, which can make it susceptible to damage from road debris. Your wheels can fling rocks and other debris into the pan which can dent it and, if large enough, break it. Usually, what happens is the seal breaks and this causes oil to leak out of the pan.

Drain Plug

The oil pan also has a drain plug at the base of it that we use to drain the oil from your engine when we replace it. If the plug is not tightened properly, oil will leak out of it. As the plug ages, it will wear down and be unable to create a proper seal. Naturally, when this happens, oil will leak out through the drain plug.

Filler Cap

The filler cap is what we loosen to add new oil during an oil change. You have likely loosened and tightened it many times if you’ve needed to add oil to your car. Over time, the cap can lose its ability to create a seal and oil will leak out of it. If tightened too tightly too often, the cap can also crack or break.

Oil Filter

Finally, your oil filter can loosen which will cause it to be misaligned. If it is not screwed in tightly, oil can leak through it. If you don’t have your oil filter changed regularly, it can also clog up, which will pool oil behind it. It’s important to have the filter changed every 3000 miles with the motor oil.

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