New Year’s Resolutions For Drivers

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The holiday season is winding down and everyone is preparing to welcome in 2020 and that includes New Year’s resolutions. Most people include getting in shape or overall health in their list, but have you thought about including your vehicle? With all the time we spend behind the wheel every day, it makes sense to include car care and driving habits in your list of resolutions. United Auto Care has come up with a few New Year’s resolutions for drivers for you.

Don’t Drive Distracted

This should go without saying because using a cell phone without a hands-free device while driving is illegal in Georgia. Unfortunately, many still give in to the temptation to send that quick text while they are driving. This year make the commitment to put the phone down and focus on the road. If you do need to send a text, ask a passenger to do it or pull over into a safe parking area.

We also recommend that you try to avoid eating while you are driving. Sometimes grabbing food on the go is an absolute necessity, but it requires your hands. If you have to eat, keep it simple and find a secure spot for the food so you aren’t feeling the need to hold it in place.

Brush Up on Traffic Laws

It has probably been a while since your written driving test. While driving is second nature for most of us it is not uncommon to realize that you have completely forgotten what to do at a four-way stop. Visit Georgia’s DMV site and take a look at the state’s traffic laws. You may be surprised how much you’ve forgotten.

Avoid Road Rage

Metro Atlanta traffic is frustrating, but letting that frustration turn in to road rage can put you in a potentially dangerous situation. Leave time in your commute for traffic so you won’t feel as rushed. If you find your blood starting to boil because that truck just cut you off or because you are stuck behind a slow-moving minivan in the fast lane, breathe and relax.

Keep Up With Car Maintenance

You rely on your car daily to get you safely where you need to be. Maintain its integrity and keep it running smoothly by staying on top of your maintenance schedule. Oil changes will keep your engine running smoothly and help you avoid a breakdown. Regular inspections at United Auto Care will allow us to catch and repair minor issues before they become costly catastrophes.

The team at United Auto Care would like to wish you and your loved ones happiness, peace, and prosperity in the coming year. For all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs, come to United Auto Care in Flowery Branch. We are a one-stop auto repair shop.

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