Ford Diesel Power Stroke

Ford Power Stroke technology is among the most advanced in the industry, delivering top performance, exceptional horsepower, and excellent fuel economy, all in one compact package. United Auto Care is proud to offer Ford Power Stroke repair in Flowery Branch for their clients with diesel engines, giving customers one more reason to trust their vehicles to the experts.

ford power stroke repair flowery branch

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Ford Power Stroke Repair Flowery Branch, GA

The Ford Power Stroke name is synonymous with quality diesel engines, and diesel fans have long appreciated the award-winning design, exceptional fuel economy, and legendary reliability these engines bring to the market. Owners of diesel vehicles equipped with Power Stroke technology know that the right service is important, and that specific expertise is critical when maintaining and repairing the precision components.

That is why United Auto Care is so happy to offer Ford Power Stroke service to our customers. Our automotive technicians are true diesel experts, and they understand the unique challenges of Ford Power Stroke engine technology.

For the uninitiated, the Power Stroke name is used to describe a family of diesel engines. These Power Stroke diesel engines are used in some of the most popular Ford model trucks, including the wildly popular F-Series and the Super Duty line.

The Ford Power Stroke engines are also found in the E-Series, in the Ford Excursion and in the company’s line of commercial trucks, designated the LCF. The modern Power Stroke engine got its start in 2010, with the introduction of the Power Stroke V8, still one of the most powerful engines around.

The 6.7L Power Stroke V8 was designed and produced by Ford itself, and the company was intimately involved with every step of the process. Since that time, mechanics around the world have worked just as hard to learn about Ford Power Stroke technology, including best practices for repair and maintenance of these special power plants.

Even after almost a decade on the market, the Ford Power Stroke engine is still one of the most popular, and most widely used, diesel power plants on the market. Its use in the popular line of Ford F-Series trucks already puts the Power Stroke at the head of the pack, and Ford may have plans to expand its Power Stroke line in the future.

In the meantime, owners of vehicles equipped with Ford Power Stroke technology need to find the best service to keep them on the road. These precision engines require expert maintenance to keep them running at peak efficiency, and specific expertise when making repairs. By adding Ford Power Stroke repair and maintenance to our list of services, United Auto Care continues to serve our customers, helping them stay on the road trouble-free.