Fall Maintenance Services You Should Consider for Your Vehicle

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Fall is finally here and you’re likely running around like crazy to find the perfect Halloween costumes for the kids. First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then the December holidays and New Year; it’s easy for your vehicle to get lost in the shuffle. Unless it breaks down, that is. United Auto Care recommends a fall maintenance service visit for very good reason. In the midst of the holiday chaos, you don’t want to deal with losing access to your automobile. Have the following systems checked now rather than later.

Undercarriage, Including the Suspension

We don’t get a lot of snow in Flowery Branch during the winter but we do get some. We get rain, too, which means your vehicle’s undercarriage is exposed to a lot of moisture. Rust is the number one destroyer of an automobile’s undercarriage, so it’s wise to have it inspected now to make certain you don’t have a rust issue. Rust eats away at the undercarriage metal creating holes and other damage.

Your vehicle’s suspension should be checked, too. Some of it is underneath the car, truck or SUV, such as the shock absorbers or struts, and the rest of it is comprised of your steering system. Control of your vehicle is crucial on wet or icy roads, and your suspension helps you maintain that control. Have it inspected now before the cold and wet weather hits to ensure you remain safe on wet roads.


Naturally, tires also help you maintain control on wet and icy roads. Your vehicle’s tires should be rotated every 6,000 miles. If you haven’t been faithful about that, you likely have uneven wear on your tire tread. If you haven’t had your tires changed in a long time, you might not have much tread left on the tires at all. The tread is what helps the tires grip the road. Without it, your vehicle will hydroplane.

This danger can cause accidents, not to mention it’s extremely frightening to lose control of your car. Avoid slipping and sliding with a complete tire inspection. This helps technicians determine how much tread you have left on your tires and whether they need to be replaced or rotated. They can also check the balance and alignment to help you avoid hydroplaning and its related loss of vehicle control.

Bring your vehicle into United Auto Care today for a fall maintenance check. We’ll also check your oil and other fluids. We’re located in Flowery Branch, GA, and you can call us at 678-567-6500 to set up an appointment.