Don’t Skimp on Your Fleet Maintenance

Being a fleet manager is a tough job. You’re accountable to your boss and you’re accountable to your drivers. You may be their boss, but if they are having problems with their automobiles, you’re going to be the first one to hear about it. United Auto Care services and repairs commercial fleet vehicles. We make it our goal to make sure that you and your drivers can always rely on every automobile in your fleet. Don’t skimp on fleet maintenance. Here’s why.

Safety First

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the preventative maintenance schedule for your fleet of automobiles is safety. It’s easy to think that you are saving money by ignoring factory-scheduled services that are due. Ignoring preventative fleet maintenance, however, reduces the safety of your vehicles when they are on the road. Imagine what would happen if you never had the brakes serviced. This is just one example of how important preventative maintenance is.

Reliability, Too

Preventative maintenance also ensures that your fleet vehicles are always reliable no matter what they do. Whether you have a commercial fleet of vans that are used for deliveries, or you have a commercial fleet of automobiles to transport passengers, you need to be able to rely on them, your customers need to be able to rely on them, and, most importantly, your drivers need to be able to rely on them. Preventative maintenance prevents them from breaking down.

Driver Satisfaction

As we said above, if there’s something wrong with a fleet automobile, your driver is going to come to you and you will get an earful. Happy drivers are productive drivers, and this is true in any work situation. If your drivers know that the vehicles they are driving are safe and reliable, and they can count on them to get them through their daily routes without a problem, they will be much happier to do their jobs than they would be otherwise.

Insurance Coverage

Reliable vehicles can also help with your insurance coverage. Although insurance carriers generally don’t pay attention to whether you maintain your fleet, unless they are offering extended warranties as part of their coverage, a well-maintained fleet is less likely to get into automobile accidents. The longer your fleet goes without an accident, the happier your insurance company will be. Accidents can also open you up to legal liability should somebody decide to sue.

Cost Savings

Finally, all of this translates into cost savings. It costs less to maintain your fleet vehicles than it does to repair them. Keeping them in good shape keeps them on the road and making money. Satisfied drivers tend to reduce driver turnover. And, finally, the longer your fleet goes without an accident the lower your insurance premiums. As you can see, maintaining your fleet is beneficial to everyone but, most importantly, it’s beneficial to you.

United Auto Care works tirelessly to be the best auto service shop in Flowery Branch, GA, and we can talk with you about the preventative maintenance schedule and financing for your fleet.

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