Common Automotive Fluids That Can Leak Out of Your Car

Few things are more frustrating than backing out of your garage and seeing a puddle of automotive fluids on the floor. The thoughts that go racing through your head include wondering what fluid is leaking out of the car and whether it’s safe to drive your car. United Auto Care can help, not only by helping you identify the fluid leaking out of your car but also by fixing the leak to avoid further engine damage.

Automotive Fluids in Your Vehicle

Any fluid that is in your automobile can leak out of it at some point; it’s just that leaks occur more commonly with certain fluids. For example, your vehicle is less likely to leak brake or windshield washer fluid because of how they’re stored and used. The automotive fluids in your car are:

  • AC refrigerant
  • Brake
  • Clutch (if you drive a manual transmission)
  • Differential oil
  • Engine coolant
  • Gear oil
  • Motor oil
  • Power steering
  • Transmission
  • Windshield washer

It’s important to have these fluids changed when your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends it. This not only keeps the fluids clean and capable of doing their jobs but also allows mechanics to inspect the fluid reservoirs and lines for signs of wear and tear that could cause leaking.

The Most Common Automotive Fluid Leaks

As we mentioned above, some automotive fluids are more prone to leak than others. Before we get into that list, it’s important to know that your vehicle will also drip water and this is normal. Condensation from your air conditioner or tailpipe is nothing to worry about. Fluid leaks to worry about include

  • Differential oil leaking from the axle shafts
  • Engine coolant leaking from the cooling system or heater core
  • Motor oil leaking from the oil pan, gasket, seals, or elsewhere in the engine
  • Power steering fluid leaking out of the power steering rack
  • Transmission oil leaking out of the transmission pan, gasket, seals, or elsewhere in the transmission

You can tell which fluid is leaking from your vehicle generally by its color. Of the common fluids listed above, differential and motor oil are light brown to dark brown, coolant is usually red or green, and power steering and transmission fluid are usually red.

If your car, truck, or utility vehicle is leaking automotive fluid, call United Auto Care for an appointment. The certified technicians in our Flowery Branch, GA, auto service shop will find the leak and fix it.

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Photo by Minerva Studio via Canva Pro