Why Does My Clutch Smell Hot?

A clutch can smell hot for two reasons. The first reason is that you may be learning how to drive a clutch and, as a consequence, you are riding it. This means that you are keeping your foot on the clutch pedal and depressing it slightly all the time. The other reason why a clutch will smell hot is due to the fact that the internal mechanisms have worn down and the clutch needs to be replaced. United Auto Care explains that this is just one sign that you need a new clutch. We are going to list the rest of the signs below.

Can’t Shift Gears

You know that your clutch helps you shift gears, so if you can’t shift gears, chances are you’ve got a problem with your clutch. You may also find it difficult to get your vehicle into gear and keep it in gear. Anything that makes shifting gears out of the ordinary is a sign that your clutch needs to be adjusted or replaced.

Grinding Noises

One of these things is grinding noises. When you first learn to drive with a clutch, you will grind the gears. After that, however, you shouldn’t grind the gears. If you hear grinding noises every time you shift gears, the clutch is not properly disengaging the power from the engine and transferring it to the transmission. This is a definite sign that you need to replace the clutch.


Acceleration hesitation is also a sign that it’s time for a clutch adjustment or new clutch. As we just mentioned, the clutch transfers the power from the engine to the transmission, and this is what helps turn your wheels. If the clutch cannot transfer the power to the wheels, you won’t be able to move. At first, you will just notice hesitation when you press down on the accelerator.

High Catch Point

Oftentimes, an old clutch will end up with a higher catch point than what you are used to. Sometimes, this problem can be solved by adjusting the clutch. If the catch point gets higher again, however, this is a sign that you need to have the clutch replaced.

Spongy Feeling

Finally, changes in the resistance of the clutch are also a sign that it needs to be replaced. Alongside a spongy feeling, you may notice that your clutch doesn’t catch as well as it used to and it may squeak when you engage and release it.

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