How to Clean Your Car Engine the Right Way

Whether the vehicle you drive is fresh off the lot or more than a decade old, its engine is its beating heart. It does not matter whether that engine is a tiny 4-cylinder or a huge and powerful 8-cylinder – when the engine stops running, so does your car.

It is easy to spot the engine when you open the hood, and even the least technically savvy driver will be able to find it. When you do open the hood and find the engine, you may also find a residue of old oil, automotive fluids and other contaminants. For the most part, these visual contaminants will not harm your engine, but they do mar the ascetic appeal of the vehicle you drive.

Why You Should Clean Your Engine

If you do not like what you see when you lift the hood, it may be time to give your engine a good deep cleaning. United Auto Care can give you pointers on keeping your engine clean, and information on why cleaning your engine is a smart thing to do.

The importance of cleaning your engine goes far beyond improving its appearance. When your engine is clean, it will be easy to see any oil leaks or other potential problems, issues that would be hidden if the engine were dirty and grungy. Keeping your engine clean also increases your pride of ownership, and that can spur you to care for your car in other ways.

How to Clean Your Engine Right

Cleaning your engine is not that difficult, but it is important to prepare carefully. Start by removing any debris that may be trapped in the hood, grille or vent openings, then cover all the sensors, spark plug wires and any exposed wiring.

Continue by carefully removing any accumulated grease. Start the vehicle and allow it to run for 5 to 10 minutes. As the engine block heats up, the grease will become softer and easier to remove.

Once the grease is loose and easier to work with, you can apply the engine degreaser that will do that deep cleaning. The staff at United Auto Care can help you find the best degreasing product for your car, or you can pick up a commercial degreaser at the local automotive store. Just make sure the degreaser you choose is water or citrus-based, since petroleum-based degreasers can be harsh and possibly damage delicate seals and rubber hoses.

Work from the bottom up when applying the degreaser. That will prevent the degreaser from dripping down on you as you work. Be sure to protect the fenders when applying the degreaser, as the overspray could strip the wax from the painted surface. If you do get any degreaser on the fenders, prompt hosing should prevent any serious damage.

Allow the degreaser to soak into the engine surface for about 3 or 4 minutes. If the engine is very dirty, you may need to extend the soaking time. When the soaking period is done, use a long-handled parts brush to remove it, along with the accumulated debris that had been leaving your engine looking dirty and dull. If you need a good brush, the staff at United Auto Care can help you find one.

Having a clean engine will make you feel good, and it will certainly make your car look great. Whether you are coming in for service or just curious about engine cleaning, the staff at United Auto Care can help you keep your vehicle clean inside and out.

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Image by Markus Thomas from Pixabay