How Can I Tell if My Car Battery Is Going Bad?

You don’t want to get stuck somewhere with a dead car battery, especially if you get stuck at night. It’s true that you can go out one day to start your car, truck, or SUV and – darn – your battery is a goner. But, usually, your battery will give you a couple of clues before it completely dies. Don’t get stuck waiting for roadside assistance or somebody to give you a jumpstart. Look for the following signs that your vehicle’s battery is on its way out so you need to get a new one.

Car Battery Causing Difficult Starts

Your battery will start fussing before it dies and you’ll notice this when you start your vehicle. You’ll hear the engine crank… and crank… and whir… and grovel… and finally, start. When this happens, it’s wise to head straight to our shop for a battery test. Chances are you’ll only experience this sign a few times before the battery completely dies, which brings us to the next sign of a dying battery…

Your Vehicle Won’t Start

Eventually, the cranking will continue but the car, truck, or SUV will never start. If you hear cranking and can start your vehicle after a jumpstart, your battery is likely the problem. If you hear clicking and the vehicle won’t start, it’s probably your starter rather than yourcar  battery. Sometimes you’ll only hear one click and then nothing. This could be either the battery or the starter.

To help you determine what the problem is, if you hear the click or crank but your engine won’t engage look at your dashboard lights. Are they on? If so, your battery has enough juice in it to light them but not start the vehicle. Your battery provides energy to the starter, so dashboard lights suggest it has enough juice to turn on the lights but not the starter.

Constant Jumpstarts

Perhaps you’ve had to jumpstart your vehicle a lot lately. Your battery is going, so have it replaced. You should never have to jumpstart your car, truck, or SUV to get it started all the time. You shouldn’t have to pop the clutch to start it, either. Jumpstarts are a last resort. They shouldn’t be used as a tool to start your vehicle each time you have to start it.

Corrosion Equals Old

It’s always a good idea to visually inspect your car battery regularly to make sure it isn’t getting corroded. Older batteries will leak acid or leak acidic fumes and this will create corrosion on the terminals and a gross film across the top of the battery. You can see how old your battery is by looking at the round sticker on it. If it says 10/19, for example, your car battery was manufactured in October 2019.

United Auto Care would be happy to test your battery and replace it if necessary. Bring your vehicle into our Flowery Branch, GA, shop today.

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay