Seven Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Engine Performance Check

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You rely on your vehicle’s engine to run without a problem every time you start it. If you notice any of the seven things below, your vehicle’s engine performance is being compromised for some reason. The longer you wait to have the issue resolved the more damage you’ll do to the engine. United Auto Care can run a performance check to find the problem and fix it.

Loss of Power

Your automobile uses combustion to move; it converts the gasoline you fill the tank with into power. There are four stroke cycles to engine combustion: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. If any of these stroke cycles fail, you will lose engine power and performance.


Unusual engine noises are never a good sign. You should never hear hissing, knocking, popping, or whining sounds coming from the engine nor should your automobile ever backfire. If you hear strange sounds when you start your vehicle or while it’s running, it should be checked right away.

Bad Fuel Economy

If your car, truck, or utility vehicle is struggling to perform, it will burn through gasoline quicker than normal. This is because it needs the excess fuel to meet your driving demands. You might also notice a reduction in your fuel economy if there is a problem with the fuel pump or injectors.


If your vehicle is stalling, there’s definitely a performance check issue. Engine stalls can result from a combustion issue, an ignition issue, or a fuel system issue. It’s possible that the carburetor is not mixing the air and fuel properly and your engine is getting too much of one or the other.

Strange Odors

Strange odors can accompany engine performance issues. Usually, you might smell exhaust if there is something going on with the exhaust stroke. Any type of unusual odor can signal danger, including carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. Don’t take chances with strange smells.


Run-on means your engine keeps running for a moment even though you’ve turned it off. This problem is more common in high-performance engines. Usually, the issue is caused by the wrong gasoline, i.e. incorrect octane rating, the carburetor, or a solenoid that is going or has gone bad.

Rough Idle

Finally, your engine idle should always be smooth. If it isn’t, you’ve got an engine performance issue. As with run-on, the wrong gasoline can cause rough idling, as can misfiring or worn spark plugs. Oftentimes, all you need is a tune-up to smooth out the idling.

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