Four Signs You’ve Got Car Battery Trouble

Nobody wants to deal with a dead car battery, especially if you’re in a hurry. Your vehicle will give you some warnings that your battery is running out of juice permanently, including hard starts and dimmed lights. You can also inspect your battery to look for signs of trouble, which is a good idea if your battery is over three years old. The battery case can also clue you into impending battery doom. United Auto Care suggests you look for the following while giving your car battery the once-over.


If you see bubbles on the battery when you look closely at it, a couple of things could be going on. Excess voltage, which can come from your car, truck, or UV’s alternator or an electrical wiring problem, can make the battery bubble. If the battery is reaching the end of its lifespan, this, too, might cause exterior bubbling. Either way, bubbling isn’t normal, so it’s best to have the battery checked.

Bulges or Swelling

Your vehicle’s battery case can also bulge or swell when something isn’t right. The cause of bulges or swelling is too much heat and hydrogen gas inside the battery. These are natural byproducts in the battery, and the battery will dissipate the gas and heat naturally. An older battery might not be able to handle any excess gas or heat, however, and you will see the case swell up or bulge as a result.


A corroded battery is a bad battery. You might get a little corrosion on the cables and terminals every once in a blue moon, but you shouldn’t have a ton of corrosion. If you do, the battery is a goner and needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Heavily corroded batteries are leaking battery acid from somewhere, and this acid will continue to damage the battery and could damage engine parts.

Cracked Case

Finally, how your battery is connected to your engine can actually affect the case. Some people believe that connecting the battery as tightly as possible is better, but this can crack the case and damage the terminals. However, don’t go too far in the opposite direction and loosen your battery in its tray. This freedom can jolt the battery around as you drive and cause cracking, as well. 

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